Welcome to the historic Town Manor  Bed and Breakfast.

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This gorgeous lakefront estate is proud to host wedding couples from all over the world. Established in 1933, Town Manor is like no other wedding destination. See why Town Manor has been voted as "Brides Choice 2013" ranking in the top 5% of the nation for best wedding ceremonies and receptions.

  • All inclusive-Town Manor provides you with a custom designed, wedding ceremony and reception where everything is included. A “one stop shop" customized to your signature style. Our services can include your wedding cake, master of ceremony/DJ, specialty linens, grand décor packages, valet parking attendant, officiate and much, much more. Priceless is our “Dream Team” who will, from this moment forward, facilitate, direct and coordinate every aspect of your Town Manor wedding and included “day of event” direction, Complimentary.

  • Centrally located between Tampa and Orlando- your guests will never have trouble finding us! Located just 2 minutes from Interstate 4 (I4).Town Manor¹s multi acre estate is nestled away in lush tropical landscapes and formal gardens.  Our lakefront oasis is completed with private beach, promenade to the boat house, pool grotto and sunset viewing terraces.

  • Award Winning Executive Chef- We can create any type of menu that you request.

  • Professional Wedding Coordinator- we provide you with a complimentary wedding planner
    from planning to your actual wedding event.

Please review our wedding photo gallery, Facebook, cake portfolio  and menus. We would be
happy to custom design a once in a lifetime, Fairytale wedding for you.
We look forward to the
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